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All orders come with free pope cards.



Sacraments and Rituals of the Discordian Society

Some people call it a practical guide, others call it a manifesto, some people call it nonsense (to be fair, those people are probably right). A professionally printed 32-page pamphlet collectively written by the Letterbomb Academy collecting instructions, rituals, thought and excerpts from holy scriptures. 

Includes a 32 page fanzine, a 19 mm black enamel Apple of Discord pin, stickers, and more!

€12 plus shipping

The Sacred Chao Dice Kit

”Men must be free from boundaries, patterns and consistencies in order to be free to think, feel and create in new ways.” Inspired by Luke Rhineharts seminal novel ”The Dice Man”, this kit allows you to live the dice life. Dice living could be considered the perfect marriage between order and disorder, Order in choosing the options for the dice, disorder in letting the dice decide between the options. Two dice with the Hodge and the Podge, the Pentagon and the Apple of Discord, engraved on the 1 dot side of the dice.

Two dice, bone white with black dots, 16 mm, professionally engraved.

€10 plus shipping


Pin set

A trio of pins for the more extrovert Discordian. Let other popes know you are also involved in the secret society that is Discordianism. Includes the hand of Eris, the Letterbomb Academy "A", and the infamous "Laughing Felix" design.

Three pins, silver with black hard enamel, butterly clutch, 17-32 mm.

€15 plus shipping